Who are we?

The VYV Group, France's leading mutual healthcare and social protection company, works every day to be useful to each and every one of us throughout our lives. And there are moments that count more than others, like graduating from high school and starting higher education. With nearly 1.2 million young people already members, the VYV Group is taking its commitment to this target group a step further by creating a universe dedicated to students: Yvon.

Yvon is the first 100% digital mutual insurance platform to provide effective support for every student, with a comprehensive range of insurance products (complementary health insurance, student insurance, home insurance and international health insurance) and services (budget coach, assistance, teleconsultation, etc.). A platform that looks like them, and whose offer is designed according to their needs and budget; a platform that advises and accompanies them with Yvon Mag on subjects connected to their daily problems: apartment, internship abroad or erasmus, small jobs or good deals... Yvon has set a single objective for young people: to make their studies the best time of their lives. With the creation of Yvon, the VYV Group, an entrepreneur for better living, is enabling its member mutuals to strengthen their ties with their members through new insurance and service offerings that provide effective support for young people in their student life.

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Find out more about the VYV Group: www.groupe-vyv.fr