Home insurance
by Yvon

Tailor-made protection
from your cosy nest

Student home insurance is essential
to meet your obligations to your
owner. It protects you from the vagaries of
everyday life, allowing you to be
indemnified in the event of a claim
in your home.

from € 29/year

Home insurance by Yvon

Student housing insurance by Yvon

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  • Yvon covers all types of student accommodation, from Crous rooms to T4 apartments.
  • Whether you're renting or sharing, up to 3 roommates are covered at no extra cost.
  • Coverage for all your student needs
  • In the event of an incident that renders your home uninhabitable (water damage, fire, etc.), relocation assistance provides you with shelter.
  • Customized options to complete your coverage. For example, temporary rental liability covers you in the event of an internship. Are you a victim of theft or vandalism? Yvon never lets you down!

Home insurance

€ 29 €/year

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From €29/year with no administration fees

Examples of student housing insurance cover

  • assuré avec Yvon assurance multirisque habitation Yvon
  • Étudiant paisible dans son logement
  • Deux étudiants assurés avec
  • Étudiants dans la nouvelle maison avec
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Warranty details

Property insurance
Limits of warranties
FurnitureDepending on the accommodation
• personal belongings contained in living quarters.
• exclusions for valuables, cash, funds and securities
Room : (max 10m²)
€ 2300
1 room : (+ de 10 m²)
€ 3900
2 rooms :
€ 5400
3 rooms :
€ 7000
4 rooms :
€ 12200
• except movable goods stored in the cellar or outbuildings€ 500
Civil liability insurance
Third-party liability
Warranty limits
Bodily injury only € 20 000 000
Material and immaterial damage only€ 15,000,000 (limited to €450,000 for temporary rental liability in the event of an internship)
Insurance for your defense
Limits of warranties
Defense and recourse€ 16,000 from € 225 of damage for which you are responsible
Limits of warranties
Assistance in the event of a claimSee General Terms and Conditions

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Frequently asked questions Yvon

I'm going to be sharing a flat in September. Will my flatmate also be insured?
To be insured, roommates must be named on your lease contract and declared on your insurance policy. Like you, they will benefit from all the guarantees of the contract, and will be able to obtain their insurance certificates.
What's the difference between "correspondence address" and "risk address"?
Your correspondence address is simply the address to which we can send you mail. The risk address, on the other hand, corresponds to the address of the home you wish to insure via YVON Assur' Logement. These two addresses may be separate or identical. It all depends on where you want to receive mail! If you wish to change the risk address and update your home insurance certificate, please contact our advisors.
What to do in the event of a claim
In the event of a claim, you must notify us as soon as you become aware of it: - Within 2 working days in the event of theft; you must lodge a complaint with the police authorities within 48 hours. - Within 10 days of publication of the interministerial decree declaring a state of natural disaster in the case of a disaster of this nature. - Within 5 working days for all other claims (e.g. water damage, fire, glass breakage, third-party liability) You can report the claim directly in your Personal Area. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt with your file number and precise information on how to proceed and follow up your file.
Will I have to pay any additional costs in the event of a claim?
In the event of a claim, a deductible may apply. The deductible is the portion of the indemnity that will remain payable by you; its amount is indicated on your insurance contract. With Yvon Assur'Logement, you have the choice of taking out a policy with or without a general deductible (with the exception of theft cover, which has a €100 deductible if you choose this option).
I'll soon be giving up my apartment. Should I cancel my insurance policy?
If, when you leave your home, your insurance contract is still in force, you must ask us to cancel it via your Personal Area. We will then tell you how to proceed. If you don't take any action, the contract will automatically terminate at the end date, and you will no longer be able to cancel it.
I've just taken out Yvon home insurance. Am I covered immediately?
Yes, you are covered on the date shown on your insurance contract (special conditions), subject to effective payment of your premium and your signature.

Not sure what you need?
Don't panic!

Let us guide you, advise you and present you with the solution that best suits your profile!

You're not sure
what you need?
Don't panic!

Let us guide you, advise you and present you with the solution that best suits your profile!